Resource Guides


:: Colorado Resource Guide ::

Although it was originally compiled with Colorado residents in mind, there is plenty of information for anyone interested in learning more about Deaf / HH issues and facts. This link will take you off the H&V site to the Colorado site.

:: Indiana EHDI Resources (Early Hearing Detection and Intervention)::

Directory of organizations and services for deaf and hard of hearing people in Indiana

:: Mainstreaming the Student who is Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing::

This guide is intended to provide teachers, professional staff and parents basic information about: 1) the critical role that hearing plays in both the developmental and educational processes; and 2) how the learning environment can be optimized in order to help the D/HH child develop the confidence, skills and ability to be successfully mainstreamed into a regular education setting and reach his/her fullest potential

:: Colorado Parent Funding Tool Kit ::

Forms, documents, and articles that can be downloaded in a printable form.