The Seaver Vision Award

And the award goes to... Shelli Janning

Shelli's portraitThe 2023 Seaver Vision Award was presented to Shelli Janning to a standing ovation at a recent ceremony held at the 2023 H&V Leadership Conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Jennifer Zysset of NE H&V shares that as the NE Hands & Voices Guide By Your Side Coordinator, Shelli is often the first person to connect with a family. With an unfailing and unbiased approach, she always seems to know the right thing to say to let parents know the good, the messy, and the beautiful in raising a child who is D/HH. Sharing what she has learned while raising a daughter who is unilaterally deaf, Shelli has a knack for making families feel connected as she talks about her emotions on the journey, and how it’s okay if they are different from other members in the family. She doesn’t hesitate to take the show on the road, with her willingness to join a family at an Audiologist appointment or for a cup of coffee to talk. She works tirelessly to continue building the GBYS program by adding events, recruiting Parent Guides (she has a full team!), and creating resources that will help families and professionals alike! She has created a Roadmap for Late Onset Hearing Loss as well as one for newborns who refer on the newborn hearing screening that will benefit families for years!
Congratulations to Shelli Janning!

Graphic of Leanne with illustrated trophy

The Leeanne Seaver Vision Award was established in recognition of Leeanne’s extraordinary commitment to families with children who are deaf and hard of hearing.  Her visionary leadership and keen insight as a parent, co-founder and first executive director of Hands & Voices helped set the standard for unwavering advocacy, unbiased parent support, effective parent involvement, and parent/professional collaboration. Leeanne’s leadership provided hope to families worldwide and exemplified H&V advocacy at the local, state, national and international levels. Her articulation of “what works for your child is what makes the choice right” captures the commitment of this organization to the child-led/family-centered process of discovering what it will take for each child to reach his or her potential.

The Seaver Vision Award was established in 2012 and is given annually to a parent, professional, organization, or agency that exemplifies the values and commitment to the Hands & Voices vision.

Previous winners include:


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Award process

Nominations are accepted up to six weeks before the Hands & Voices Leadership Conference where the award is presented annually.

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