Who is H&V?

Our Story

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We started with just a few parents in Colorado, and now we have 50+ Chapters and efforts across globe.

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Why We're Here

Most organizations serving families with deaf and hard of hearing children rally around common interests that usually include a philosophy of communication that is promoted by that group. Hands & Voices does not promote specific communication choices or methodologies.

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Become a H&V Member

Join today, and help us change the world! Our members include families, professionals, other organizations, pre-service students, and deaf and hard of hearing adults who are all working towards ensuring successful outcomes for children who are deaf and hard of hearing.

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H&V Leadership

We have a talented and dedicated group of people that work to ensure the H&V Mission and Vision is upheld and implemented in multiple domains across our country and the world.

Our Mission and Vision

We are a Mission driven organization and we think part of our success is our whole-hearted buy-in to the Mission and Vision of Hands & Voices!

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