Fostering Joy Journal for Kids

The Hands & Voices Fostering Joy Journal for Kids was created for children who are deaf and hard of hearing (D/HH) to journal about their joys and accomplishments with a grown-up, ideally an adult who is D/HH themselves. Through a variety of fun and engaging activities, the child can learn about D/HH adult role models, strategies to self-advocate, and how being D/HH is a cause for celebration! Created by trained Hands & Voices D/HH Adult Guides, the journal can be a means for a child to express their feelings, develop a strong positive self-image, and feel connected to a larger community. The Fostering Joy Journal for Kids makes a wonderful gift for children and families and tool for D/HH mentor/guide/role model programs.

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Watch this video of the creators of the Journal as they describe how to use it:

Here’s what’s been said about the Fostering Joy Journal for Kids :

Book Cover

“When I was growing up, this journal would have been helpful for me to learn more about my identity as someone who is hard of hearing. Growing up, I did not know any other Deaf or Hard of Hearing people so it would have been nice to have a journal that centers around that, validates my feelings and experiences, and helps me find the joy.” - Shelby Geldon, Deaf and Hard of Hearing Guide, MN Hands & Voices 

"When a child who is D/HH gets older, they can use their journal to share wisdom with others who may be beginning their journey!" – Emily Burke, parent, Deaf Adult, and Board Member of Texas Hands & Voices

“This journal is a wonderful celebration of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing journey! Not only does it foster joy, it also gives kids a creative, positive way to explore their own personal experience.” - Karen Putz, author of The Parenting Journey: Raising Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children “I want my son to find Joy in who he is, what he is and value his own strengths!” – Mariana Barquet, parent, Guide By Your Side Program Coordinator, Indiana Hands & Voices 

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