The Pop-up IEP

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1."Sorry... we don't have the money."

2."We're not convinced your child needs that."

3. "I have 400 other children in this building."

4. "We assess your child using only teacher observation."

5. "The general education teacher couldn't be here today."

6. "We're the professionals, we know what's best for your child."

7. "Let us get back to you on how that might work."

8. "I don't have the authority to make that decision."

9. "Your child is doing great compared to other deaf/hh kids."

10. "If you don't teach your child to sign, he'll use it anyway when he grows up. You better do it now."

11. "If you teach your child to sign, she will never learn to talk."

12. "We took the liberty of filling out a 'draft' IEP... please sign here."

13. "Your child will have to use signed exact English. We don't do ASL here."

14. "Your child is two years delayed in language... we can't really expect more than that."

15. "You must be in denial, your expectations are too high for your child."

16. "We don't need to write that suggestion down in the IEP, we'll do the best we can to get that done."

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