Early Intervention:
The Parent Perspective


A Parents Wish List for Early Interventionists


We wish for Choices :

  • Unbiased information about communication options.
  • Provide us with the information we need to make well informed decisions.
  • Respect the choices that families make. Let us, the parents, make the final decision.

We wish for Information:

  • When we ask for your professional opinion, don't be afraid to give it..but please don't deliver your opinion in "absolutes".
  • Give us books, pamphlets, phone numbers, support groups, anything that will be helpful to us in understanding our child's hearing loss and where to find help.
  • If we ask a question, and you don't have the answer, help us find the resource where we can find the answer.
  • As children and parents grow, their choices and need for information grows.

Parent/Professional Partnership

A Checklist for Attitudes

  • Do I believe that families bring unique expertise to our relationship?
  • Do I believe in the importance of family participation in decision making for early intervention?
  • Do I believe that family members' perspectives and opinions are as important as professionals?

Parent/Professional Partnership

  • Parents should drive the process.
  • Early Intervention ultimately comes down to "relationship"
  • Trust is established through a basic premise of respect toward the parents, their values, and culture.

Choices in Communication

Its about COMMUNICATION, not methodology...

"What good does it do to teach a child to speak,
if you give him nothing to say?"

"Deafness is not about hearing, but about communication"

  • Choosing a method is a process that is flexible, ongoing, and changeable.
  • Early Identification of Deafness allows families a window of time to explore communication options.
  • The communication mode you choose is less significant in itself than how well it suits a particular child.


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