Room Set-Up

Room set-up can affect how an audience is able to receive the information being disseminated. Communication considerations for audience participants are of utmost importance. If interpreting services are needed, a certified interpreter must always be utilized. Computer-assisted real-time Captioning (CART) is another communication access tool often found useful for oral deaf adults. FM systems are another accommodation sought by dhh listeners. Sensitivity to the needs of the audience should be addressed by the organizing workshop/conference committee. Hands & Voices presenters are experienced in accommodating the communication needs of the audience through use of visual aids, slower rate of speech, and note-taking time in our presentations.

The following is a checklist of guidelines/speaker preferences when available:

  • Wireless lavaliere microphone
  • Audio system available for short video presentation
  • Risers/use of stage if there are more than 50 audience members
  • LCD Projector and screen for Powerpoint placed appropriately so as not to impede interpreter
  • Presenters can bring their own laptop if one is not provided by the event staff; we use USB sticks a lot, too
  • Well-lit stage, lighting for interpreter as needed
  • Based on number of participants, theater-style or classroom style (tables and chairs) may be used for big groups; presentation in the round for small groups
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