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Course 05:P1

Understanding the Parent Perspective

  • The NEW Parents Wishlist for Audiologists
  • The Parents Wishlist for Early Interventionists
  • The Parents Wishlist for Educators
  • The Parent Wishlist for NBHS Screeners & Medical Professionals

The basis for these sessions are "wishlists" that have been compiled by surveying parents from all over the country about what they find helpful or not so helpful from the professionals and systems that serve them. Can be presented as an overview course or broken down by categories as indicated.
Time: 1 hr

Course 05:P2

Raising a DHH Child: Parent Perspectives on the Journey

This session is presented by parents sharing their story of the challenges and rewards of raising a child who is dhh, a perspective which is sometimes overlooked from the 'professional' point of view. This Hands & Voices style session can be presented from a variety of presenters who have made different choices for their children in terms of communication options and educational placements, but always with the sensitivity of the Hands & Voices motto: "What works for your child is what makes the choice right." Time: 1 hr

Course 05:P3

The Parent Piece: Faces & Feelings about Deafness and Hearing Loss

With the advent of early identification of hearing loss, entire professional systems around the globe are changing and expanding to meet the needs of these newly identified infants. The success of children who are identified to be Deaf or Hard of Hearing is critically impacted by a parent's reaction, acceptance, and advocacy for their child. It is imperative for professionals who are creating systems for Universal Newborn Hearing Programs to understand and embrace the family's perspective of having a child with hearing loss. The significance of parent involvement is in its vision of drawing on these uniquely vested stakeholders as valuable resources who can supplement, support, enhance, and build capacity within existing and developing systems.

This session will present a diversity of perspectives, expertise, and values of a variety of families from around the world about early identification of hearing loss. This session will also explore the areas in which parents have spoken out about the professionals they encounter through the system, what parent's wish for in a healthy, productive relationship with professionals, and how parents can play a part in advocating for a system in which families needs are met so that infants identified to be dhh can reach their full potential.

Course 05:P4

"Please Just Tell Me What to Do" (And Other Parent Questions Audiologists Shouldn't Answer)

Course 05: P5

"Please Just Tell Me What to Do" (And other Parent Questions Early Interventionists Shouldn't Answer)

When it comes to making choices for dhh children, parents are faced with many considerations in the decision making process. This training will address these questions..What is the role of a professional & how can s/he facilitate the decision-making process for families with newly identified babies? How do you support families w/o conveying bias? What SHOULD a professional say when.?

Course 05: P6

"Deaf is Different: Unique Implications for EHDI Systems"

Throughout the country, State EHDI systems interact and work with many 'generic' systems, (i.e. Health, Special Education Law, Early Intervention). This session will explore the unique considerations of the population that we serve, children who are dhh. In areas of EHDI systems development, (genetics, family support, Part C of the IDEA, medical home issues), awareness and sensitivity must be developed to deliver services that are appropriate for this specialized group of children and their families. Participants in this session will gain valuable strategies and tools to take back to their states to enhance services in their areas of expertise.

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