List of Private Funding Sources

To the best of our knowledge this information is correct as of September, 2004.

AV Hunter Trust (click on special)

Funding assistance for durable medical goods. The A.V. Hunter Trust, Inc. is a charity of last resort for persons in need of various types of durable medical equipment. The application must be filled out by a social worker, caseworker, or third-party professional acting on behalf of their client/patient. Checks are made payable to the vendor.

Center for Hearing Speech and Language

303-322-1871 ( Denver )
719-597-3390 ( Colorado Springs )

This organization offers a sliding scale for purchasing hearing aids. Center will evaluate client and match with an appropriate hearing aid.

Communications for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (CDHH)

Hal Leith -Optimist club

This is a private citizen who has a donation bank. The hearing aids are all donated. They are refurbished by Starkey. If a match is found, the aids are donated free of charge.

CNI Center for Hearing Cochlear Implant Assistance Fund

Allison Biever, MA, CCC-A
601 E. Hampden Ave, Suite 530
Englewood, CO 80113
303 - 783-9220 ext 211

The Cochlear Implant Assistance Fund provides cochlear implant systems, including internal and external components, to qualified permanent legal US residents, ages 1 year and up, including adults. The program is intended to assist applicants who are either uninsured or under-insured to receive cochlear implants at the applicant's local implant center. In some cases, efforts are made to request hospital, surgical and/or audiology fees be waived or reduced. The average out-of-pocket expense for a recipient of this program is approximately $11,000 as compared to the $65,000 cost with no assistance.

The Elks Lodge

Aid is available from the Clem Audin Fund. These funds are restricted for the exclusive use of education, health, development, and care of children 18 years of age and younger.

First Hand Foundation

2800 Rockcreek Parkway
Kansas City , MO 64117
(816) 201-1569 Direct
(816) 571-1569 Fax

First Hand is a non-profit, 501(c) (3) organization supported by the generosity of Cerner Corporation. The Foundation assists individual children who have clinical, health-related needs and no financial safety net to cover these expenses. It reaches children and their families who would otherwise fall through the cracks of insurance coverage and state aid. It strives to provide assistance that creates independence. This is an international provider, and prefers to send money directly to the third party.

Friends of Man

303-798-2342 - Application will only be given to a third-party professional. They must call for information. Checks are made payable to the vendor.

Hear Now

6700 South Washington Ave
Eden Prairie , MN 55344
800 648-4327
(Text Callers use: Relay 711)

Through an application and approval process, hearing aids are distributed to financially needy persons who are legal residents of US, through a nationwide network of hearing health care professionals. HEAR NOW welcomes all hearing health care professionals willing to work with the Hearing Aid Assistance Program. Devices and services include hearing aids and hearing aid fittings. Does not include completely in-the-canal, digital or programmable hearing aids. Unable to provide funding for cochlear implants, speech therapy, assistive devices, TTY's, telecaptioning equipment, vibrotactile aids, electronic sound alerting equipment, or hearing animals. Assistance will not be provided if the applicant qualifies for funding through private insurance, government assistance, or any other funding options.


Dr. Howard B. Young Memorial Fund for Indigent Pediatric Care
Contact: Susan Carter, Grant Program Director

Applicant must reside in the Denver area and demonstrate financial need. The maximum amount of funding that can be requested is $2000. Assistance includes medical or hospital care, medications, housing for patient and/or patient's family during course of medical treatment, and transportation to and from medical treatment. Applicants must be referred by an appropriate agency and completed applications must be sent by referring agency to HealthONE Alliance .

The Hearing Foundation

International Hearing Health Missions
6700 South Washington Avenue
Eden Prairie , MN 55344
800 769-2799

A five-step process is in place to assess the hearing health care status in the region you are serving. The Hearing Foundation is incorporated as a 501C (3) public tax-exempt charitable organization (tax ID # 363297852). The Hearing Foundation continues to provide over 20,000 hearing aids per year as a united hearing care team. A $100 donation provides a Hear Kit. The Hear Kit includes: hearing aid (ITE, BTE or Body Aid), earmold (custom or InstaMold), carrying pouch with educational booklet, batteries.

H.E.A.R. Project

Edith Burns
4331 Sage Court
Boulder , Colorado 80301
303 527-1818 (fax and phone)

A funding source for hearing aids and related services for children with hearing loss and financial need in Colorado . The Project is intended to help families of low to middle income when Medicaid or insurance is not covering costs. H.E.A.R. project can help with financial assistance for hearing aids, earmolds, repairs, testing and FMs. Supplies for cochlear implants are also covered. Each application is individually considered.

HIKE -Hearing Impaired Kids Endowment.
303-986-6705 Marilyn Hepp

The Hike Fund provides hearing devices for hearing-impaired persons between the ages of birth to twenty whose parents are financially unable to meet this need. Funds are raised through Job's Daughters, and typically takes up to six months from application to receiving funds. Checks are made payable to the vendor.

Mandy Project

Cindy Greer, Mandy Project Coordinator
7629 CR 100
Hesperus , CO 81326
970 588-3386

The Mandy Project helps children with hearing loss to become productive citizens and to provide assistance to a family experiencing hardship due to a child's hearing loss. As many children will be helped as possible and as funds are available. Families with a child who has a hearing loss will be chosen through an application process to receive funding assistance to help cover costs of hearing aids, speech therapy, surgery, or other related expenses.

Miracle-Ear Children's Foundation

P.O. Box 59261
Minneapolis , MN 55459-0261
800 234-5422

The Miracle-Ear Children's Foundation, a national nonprofit organization, works in cooperation with local Miracle Ear Centers nationwide to provide free hearing aids, services, and support materials to children age 16 and under whose families do not qualify for public assistance, yet cannot cover the expense of hearing aids.

Hearing Aid Bank for Weld County

Jenny Weber, Audiologist
UNC Audiology Clinic
Gunter Hall Room 0330
Greeley , CO 80639
970 351-2012

A hearing aid bank for Weld County residents. An audiogram done within the last three months at the University of Northern Colorado Speech and Language Clinic must accompany the application. Approved applications will be billed on a sliding fee. Provides mostly reconditioned hearing aids.

Larimer County Hearing Aid Bank

Kim Miller
508 Princeton Rd.
Ft. Collins, CO 80525
970 221-0743

A hearing aid bank for Larimer County residents provides reconditioned hearing aids at a low cost to approved applicants. An audiogram completed within one year must be provided by applicant. Approved applicants will be billed on a sliding fee basis.

Community Organizations

Other possible sources depend on the area in which a person resides: Rotary International, Quota International, Sertoma Clubs, Kiwanis Clubs, and Lion's Clubs. Contact your local group.


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