The 2004 Parent Funding Toolkit

For Families of Children who are
Deaf/Hard of Hearing In Colorado
A Collaborative Project brought to you by:

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This Funding Tool Kit is the collaborative effort of three family support groups: Family Voices, ( ), Colorado Families for Hands & Voices, ( ), and the Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing ( ).

The parents who compiled this information all have children with a hearing loss and wanted to help identify funding sources to pay for hearing aids and/or related expenses.

© October 2004

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Two of my three children are hard of hearing and wear hearing aids. Much to our surprise, their first sets of hearing aids were paid for by our insurance company. However, both children have a progressive hearing loss and within a few years needed better hearing aids; luckily technology had improved. Our insurance carrier changed and the new company did not pay for hearing aids. Two years in a row we had to secure funding for new digital hearing aids. The process seemed a little overwhelming at first, but once I sat down and filled out the applications, it wasn't so bad. Many applications ask for the same information and need the same documentation. Yes, it took some time, and money was received from different organizations, but we did receive help. It was well worth the effort. The second time around was easier because I knew ahead of time what I needed for the applications; I had copies of documents ready and a stack of business size envelopes to mail the applications.

Do not assume your income will disqualify you from funding; many of the funding sources do not make their decisions based on income alone. Good luck!!

Jeannene Evenstad

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