What is the Table 4 Ten Project?

Besides being Hands & Voices First-Ever, Multi-Chapter Fundraising Event, the Table 4 Ten Project (referred to as T4T from here on out) is an opportunity to gather at participating homes or restaurants to raise awareness and funds to help  children who are deaf or hard of hearing reach their highest potential.

Why the Table 4 Ten Project?

If communication goes awry, it affects the intellectual growth, social intercourse, language development, and emotional attitudes, all at once, simultaneously, and inseparably.

 - Oliver Sacks, M.D

Gathering around the family dinner table is a widely known tradition that expands many generations and cultures.  It’s a way we connect with our families and friends.  Studies have shown a strong correlation between family dinners and positive life outcomes.  T4T is an opportunity to bring people together in a small, intimate setting to help them understand that even the family dinner table can be a very isolated experience for a child with hearing loss.  How does this affect our children and their outcomes? With the T4T Project we hope to raise awareness of the very foundational issue of connection through communication that children who are deaf and hard of hearing face while simultaneously raising funds to support our many programs. 

How Does the Table 4 Ten Project Work?

It’s so easy it may even be difficult for some to grasp!  Any Hands & Voices constituents – Chapter leaders, advocates, professionals, parents, or friends of any of the above, plan their own dinner or other event (think: breakfast, bowling party, picnic, etc...) for a time that fits their schedule, and invite people within their community/circles, who then pay to attend. Are you chapter leader wanting more info on how your chapter can participate in Table 4 Ten email Lisa at H&V here: wellsaid@me.com

Next Steps:

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