Janet DesGeorges

730 South 44 th Street
Boulder , CO 80305




  • Executive Director, Hands & Voices, Inc.
  • Parent Consultant, Colorado Home Intervention Program
  • Parent Faculty, National Institute for Children’s Health Quality (NICHQ) EHDI Collaboratives
  • Consultant for Parent Support, Marion Downs Hearing Center
  • Special Projects, Colorado Families for Hands & Voices

Major Professional Interest(s)

Parent Advocacy; implementation of parent participation of systems building of Universal Newborn Hearing Screening systems; parent-to-parent support; Deaf Education Reform movement, parent advocacy in school systems; IDEA, NCLB Part C and Part B Training to Parents; Medical Home Initiative; Quality Improvement

Education and Training

  • Ventura High School Ventura , CA High School Diploma
  • MCH-PHLI Leadership Institute – University of North Carolina Chapel Hill (2010 – 11)
  • 29th National Institute on Educating Individuals with Disabilities
    (April 2009)
  • 27th National Institute on Educating Individuals with Disabilities
    (April 2007)
  • 25 th National Institute on Educating Individuals with Disabilities
    (April 2005)
  • 23rd National Institute on Educating Individuals with Disabilities
    (April 2003)
  • National Early Hearing, Detection and Intervention Conference, Atlanta (Feb. 2003)
  • Community Resource Center : Non-Profit Leadership and Management Program ( 6: 2-day trainings 2002)
  • Colorado Early Childhood Institute (Oct. 2002)
  • National Symposium on Hearing in Infants (2002)
  • Wright's Law on Special Education Training (Nov. 2001)
  • National Symposium on Childhood Deafness (Sept. 2001)
  • Summer Institute for Early Intervention (2001)
  • The Advocacy Project: Parent Leadership Training (2000)
  • National Symposium on Hearing in Infants (2000)
  • 21 st National Institute on Educating Individuals with Disabilities (2000)
  • Cochlear Implant Summer Institute (1999)
  • Parent Leadership Colorado Conference (1998)
  • Exceptional Parent Conference and Training (1997)

Life Experience:

  • Mother of three daughters; Parent of a 13-year-old daughter who is Deaf
  • Parent who has personally experienced and navigated the Part C and Part B systems for our child.


  • Antonia Maxon National EHDI Award (2009)
  • Advocacy Award - Developmental Disabilities Center (1998)

Research and Professional Experience:

Executive Director, Hands & Voices, Inc
November 2011 - present
Director of non-profit organization overseeing 50 chapters across the U.S. and abroad.   Duties include personnel management, budget oversight,  newspaper editor, National representation on various boards, committees and task forces.

Executive Director, Colorado Families for Hands & Voices

Director of non-profit organization that supports families who have children with deafness or hearing loss. Duties include personnel management, newsletter editor, Statewide representation on various boards, committees and task forces.

Outreach Director – Hands & Voices (national organization)
2000 – 2011

Duties include:  Thought leadership to the development of state chapters of Hands & Voices.  Infrastructure development; technical assistance to state chapters. Development of materials.

Parent Consultant - Marion Downs Hearing Center

Duties Include: Consultant to 19 states who are establishing Universal Newborn Hearing Screening System. Speak at National conferences on the importance of parent participation, and parent experience. State MCH Grant overseeing parent participation by regional parent consultants for families who have deaf/hh children. Liaison to Consumer and Parent activities of the Marion Downs Center. Center Board of Director member.

President – Colorado Home Intervention Program Accountability Committee  2005 - present
UNHS Faculty Parent Co-Chair NICHQ Medical Home

Duties include:  Input to national faculty on collaborative development;  technical assistance and support to parent team members on state collaborative; product development

Vice President – Marion Downs National Hearing Center Foundation 2002 – 2004 
Duties include:  Fundraising for non-profit foundation to establish family centered health facility for deaf and hard of hearing children.

Parent Advisor – Colorado Home Intervention Program

Duties Include: Statewide representative for the families in the program.  Collecting and disseminating information on topics related to deafness to parents/professionals.  Attend meetings as parent Advisor where policy implementation for the program is decided by administrative team.      

Parent/Professional Collaborative Consultant
February, 1999-2001

Duties Include: Creating partnership model in the Denver Metro and then extending in the State of Colorado with the Colorado Hearing Resource Coordinator, gathering statistical information on the newborn hearing system in Colorado.

Family Advocate – Boulder County TransAct

Duties include:  Provide support and information to families attending an evaluation clinic for their child, assist in the development of IFSP’s to assure a family-directed process.  Collaborate with clinicians to make sure the process is family directed.

Director – Boulder County Spokespeople   1997 – 1998
Duties include:  Representing families in Part C systems in Boulder County;  Coordinate and establish parent-to-parent support for families with children with special needs in Part C systems.

Home Daycare 1982 - 1997
Duties included:  A cumulative of 13 years of caring for children.  Working with and listening to parents about the needs of their children.

Selection of State, National and International Board Appointments

  • NCHAM Parent Advisory Chair 2010 – present
  • DHHA Alliance 2011-present
  • Phonak International Pediatric Advisory Council 2010-present
  • National EHDI Conference Planning Committee – 2005- 2006
  • Global Parents of Deaf Children 2008-present
  • RID National Educational Interpreting Committee – appointment 2007
  • CO Alliance Committee 2005 – 2006  Educational Interpreting Group
  • NCHAM Parent Support Coalition – 2005 - 2007
  • Consensus Conference Participant of Effective Interventions – 2004
  • Chairperson of the CO Hearing Aid Legislation Task Force – 2005 - present
  • Funding Issues for Children Task Force – 2003
  • Colorado Home Intervention Program Accountability – 2002 - present
  • National Center for Low Incidence Disabilities – 2001 - present
  • Colorado Early Intervention Task Force – 1997-present
  • National Early Childhood Coalition for Kids who are Deaf/hh–2000 – present
  • Marion Downs Hearing Center Foundation Board of Directors – 2002 - 2007
  • National Distance Opportunities for Interpreter Training Center, Advisory Board 2002-present
  • Colorado Outreach Leadership Team – 1999-present
  • Deaf Education Reform Task Force – 2000- present
  • The Part C Natural Environments Committee – 2001
  • Family Advocacy Coalition – 2000
  • Hearing Aid Legislative Consortium – 1999 - 2002
  • Colorado Newborn Hearing Advisory – 1997 – present
  • Newborn Hearing Database Task Force – 2000 – 2001
  • Boulder County Part C Parent Support Advisory Board 1997 – 1999

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Selected Presentations:

  • DesGeorges, J (2012) FCEI 2012 (Family Centered Early Intervention ) Bad Ishl, Austria, May 30 – June 2, 2012;
    Keynote – Parent Perspectives on Early Intervention
  • DesGeorges, J (2012) ND Pathfinder Conference Parent/Professional Partnerships, Fargo, ND April 27th, 2012
  • DesGeorges, J. Texas Hands & Voices Parent Conference (telecast to 6 locations):  Is this a Deaf Thing? Austin, TX(April 2012)
  • Deseorges, J., Council on Exceptional Children National Conference:  Intro to GBYS; Denver, CO (April 2012)
  • DesGeorges, J.  Indiana Hands & Voices Family Conference; From Roots to Wings; Indianapolis, IN (March, 2012)
  • DesGeorges, J. (2012) ECHO Project Training, NCHAM, Denver, CO Feb. 22-23, 2012
  • DesGeorges, J. (2012) American School for the Deaf, CT.  CT H&V Board Training, January 13th, 2012
  • DesGeorges, J. Leitz, C, Rodriguez, M.; EHDI National Conference 2011 Plenary Speaker:  Past, Present, and Future of Family Support (Feb. 2011)
  • DesGeorges, J. Phonak Sound Beginnings International Conference 2011 Plenary Speaker:  Working with Challenging and Under-Involved Families (Nov. 2010)
  • International NHS Conference, Lake Como Italy -Parent Road Map. DesGeorges, J.  (June, 2010)
  • H&V National Conference: National Survey Results DesGeorges, J. (July 2010) 
  • National Institute for Children’s Health  Quality. Albuquerque NM (Jan. 2010)
  • Military Audiology Conference; Orlando Florida (Feb. 2010)
  • Hands & Voices and Family Support;  Guam, Saipan, Hawaii (Feb. 2010)
  • DesGeorges, J Seaver, L June 2008 International EHDI conference, Milan Italy , (Parent Involvement in EHDI systems)DesGeorges, J, Russ MD, S. Parent and Professional collaboration
  • Building Bridges to Transition  DesGeorges, J; Beams, D. (Oct. 2008) Bowling Green, OH
  • Colorado Symposium on Deafness, Language, and Learning  DesGeorges J. (Oct 2008)
  • Family Learning Conference,  Columbus, OH  DesGeorges, J. (May 2007) Educational Advocacy
  • Texas Early Intervention Conference, Keynote  DesGeorges, J  (April 2007) Starting with the End in Mind
  • Impact Deaf Ed Conference, Keynote, DesGeorges, J., Seaver L Burbank California (April 2007)
  • National Early Hearing Detection, and Intervention Conference, Parent Survey of EHDI Systems
  • DesGeorges, J.  (April 2006) Keynote Presentation  Statewide MN Summit, “The Time is Now”
  • DesGeorges, J (April 2006)  American Academy of Audiology, MN “Parent Involvement in Audiology Practices)
  • DesGeorges, J.  April 2006)  Guide by your Side Parent Coordinator Training, MN  “Supporting Families without Bias”  “The art of Story” “What do I say, When?” “We are Hands & Voices” 
  • DesGeorges, J  May 2006 International EHDI conference, Milan Italy  (Supporting Families without Bias, and Parent Involvement in EHDI systems)
  • May 2006  NICHQ Medical Home Learning Collaborative “Parent Perspective of Medical Home” and “Parent Involvement”
  • DesGeorges, J  September 2006 Maryland School for the Deaf  "Is this a Deaf Thing?"  "Special Education Law"
  • DesGeorges,  J.  September 2006  Family Support Conference NCHAM, Salt Lake City,  "Pre-Existing Support Communities"
  • DesGeorges, J.  September, 2006  Iowa Early Intervention Conference
  • DesGeorges, J, November, 2006 GBYS Training VA
  • DesGeorges, J, Beams, D. Kennedy S., Davis-Pedrie D.  Deaf Symposium Colorado.  "Transitions from Part C to Preschool
  • DesGeorges, J. November, 2006 Georgia Family Learning Weekend  "We Are Hands & Voices", "Is this a Deaf Thing?"
  • DesGeorges, J (Feb. 2006)  National Early Hearing Detection, and Intervention Conference, Parent Survey of EHDI Systems
  • DesGeorges, J.  (April 2006) Keynote Presentation  Statewide MN Summit, “The Time is Now”
  • DesGeorges, J.  April 2006)  Guide by your Side Parent Coordinator Training, MN  “Supporting Families without Bias”  “The art of Story” “What do I say, When?” “We are Hands & Voices”
  • DesGeorges, J (April 2006)  American Academy of Audiology, MN “Parent Involvement in Audiology Practices)
  • DesGeorges, J.  Nowicki, B. (Fall, 2005) Colorado Deaf Symposium, “Interpreting Services for Students:  The New Alliance”
  • DesGeorges, J., Sieberlich, A (Summer 2005)  National RID Conference, “The New Alliance:  Parents and Interpreters working together”
  • DesGeorges, J. Seaver, L  (July 2005) Hands & Voices  National Parent Leadership Conference, “The Role of the Parent Guide”  “Parent Leadership”, “Funding your H&V Chapter”,
  • DesGeorges, J. (April 2005)  Colorado Register of Interpreters for the Deaf, “The New Alliance”
  • DesGeorges, J. (April 2005)  Oregon Parent Workshop, “We are Hands & Voices”
  • DesGeorges, J., Seaver, L. ( March 2005)  Deaf Children Australia, “We are Hands & Voices” and “Supporting Families without Bias”,  Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Melbourne Australia
  • DesGeorges, J. (June 2004) Nebraska Parent Conference.  “In our Hands: Parents Creating Change
  • DesGeorges, J. (Nov. 2003/April 2004)  Disabilities in America:  Come Home to our House; University of Colorado, Boulder, Guest Lecture
  • DesGeorges, J.  (April 2004)  American Academy of Audiology;  Early Hearing Detection and Intervention:  Parent Perspectives
  • DesGeorges, J. et al. (April 2004)  Genetics Videoconference:  Parent Perspectives
  • DesGeorges, J., Seaver L (Feb – Nov  2004) Hands & Voices Two Day Basic Training for Parent Advocates – Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan, Illinois, New Mexico
  • DesGeorges, J; Seaver L (Nov 2003) Parent Consultant and Early Intervention full day training:  “What do these People Want from me?” Colorado Deaf Symposium
  • DesGeorges J:  Providing Information in an Unbiased Manner (Oct 03) National Symposium on Childhood Deafness, Sioux Falls SD
  • DesGeorges, J: Pediatrician’s Role CDC National Teleconference (Oct 03)
  • DesGeorges, J: “The Child vs. the Choice” Family Learning Retreat, Minnesota School for the Deaf (June, 2003)
  • DesGeorges, J., Seaver L., : “In Our Hands:  Parents Creating Change” Wisconsin (June, 2003)
  • DesGeorges, J;  CDE Teacher Inservice Trainings;  Parent Participation (April, 2003) Statewide regional trainings for deaf/hh professionals
  • DesGeorges, J; Seaver L (March, 2003) Decision Making Priorities – Hands & Voices Denver Metro Training;  Denver, CO
  • DesGeorges, J; Seaver L ( January, 2003) Parent Consultant and Part C Provider Training, 2 days;  Idaho
  • DesGeorges, J (August 2002)  Parent Participation in IDEA;  North Dakota School for the Deaf
  • DesGeorges, J (June, 2002) Parent Perspectives on the Journey:  Listening to and Learning from Families, Keynote Presentation – Western Regional Conference on Early Intervention, Jackson, WY
  • DesGeorges, J. (June, 2002) Parent’s Perspectives on Universal Newborn Hearing Systems – Arkansas Nurses Association Annual Meeting, Little Rock, AK
  • DesGeorges, J. (June, 2002) The Medical Home:  Bridging the Gap Between Rhetoric and Reality – CO Screening Coordinators Annual Meeting, Denver, CO
  • DesGeorges, J., Gabbard, S., Stredler Brown, A., Thomson, V. (April, 2002) Colorado:  A Decade of Experience – American Academy of Audiology, Philadelphia, PA
  • DesGeorges, J., Seaver, L. (April 2002) The Power of Parents – New Mexico CASA, Albuquerque, NM.
  • DesGeorges, J., (Feb. 2002) Parent/Professional Collaboration – Illinois Speech Hearing Association, Chicago IL
  • DesGeorges, J. (Feb. 2002) Parent Perspectives on Universal Newborn Hearing Systems – MCH/CDC Annual Conference. Washington, D.C.
  • DesGeorges, J. (November 2001) Community Life for Deaf/HH Children, CO Symposium on Deafness, Language and Learning, Copper Mtn. CO
  • DesGeorges, J. (November, 2001)  Parent and Deaf/HH Community models of Leadership in Colorado, Invited Speaker, American Speech, Hearing Association New Orleans LA
  • DesGeorges J. , Johnson C.  (September 2001) Deaf Education Reform, National Symposium on Childhood Deafness, Sioux Falls, SD
  • DesGeorges J., (September 2001)  Deaf Child Bill of Rights, Natl. Symposium on Childhood Deafness, Sioux Falls, SD
  • DesGeorges, J (April, 2001)  The Power of Parents in Deaf Education Reform, Western Slope Professional In-service Training, Ouray, CO
  • DesGeorges, J.  (April, 2001)  Listening to and Learning from Families – American Academy of Audiology, San Diego CA
  • DesGeorges J., Seaver, L. (February 2001)  Advocacy for Families in the Schools – Parent Survival Symposium, Denver, CO
  • DesGeorges J., (January 2001) Assuring Quality Outcomes for Families – Illinois Academy of Audiology, Chicago, Illinois
  • DesGeorges, J. (October, 2000) Newborn Hearing Systems:  Assuring Quality Outcomes for Families – International Conference on Newborn Hearing creening, Diagnosis and Intervention , Milan, Italy
  • DesGeorges J, Seaver L., (July, 2000) Have our Choices Changed?  Natl. Symposium for Infant Hearing, Denver, CO
  • DesGeorges, J., (July 2000)  Educational Excellence:  The Power of Parents  Texas Deaf Symposium,   Houston, TX
  • DesGeorges, J.  (April 2000)  American Academy of Audiology Quality Outcomes for Families
  • DesGeorges J., (February 2000)  Parent’s Wishlist for Early Interventionists    Conference for Hawaii Early Interventionists, Honolulu, HI
  • DesGeorges, J. (September 99)  Parent Wish list for audiologists and early interventionists;  The importance of parents in systems building.  Presented at Annual Meeting of the Directors of Speech and Hearing for State Health and Welfare Agencies, Chicago, Ill.
  • DesGeorges J  (April 1999)  Pareents wish list for Educaitonal Audiologists.  Presented at the National Educaitonal Audiologists Conference in Lake Teneva, WI
  • DesGeorges, J.  (June 1999)  Keynote Speaker:  The Family’s Journey.  Presented at Kentucky Early Years family retreat in Danville, Kentucky.
  • DesGeorges J., Seaver L. (May 1999)  Deaf Child Bill of Rights  Presented at Colorado Familes for Hands & Voices Workshop in Denver, CO
  • DesGeorges J., Gabbard, S., Thomson V. (April 1999)  Guidelines for infant assessment and amplification.  Pressented at the Annual Meeting fot he American Academy of Audkiolgy, Miam, Florida.
  • DesGeorges., J ( October 1998)  Educational Excellence for Deaf/hh Students  Copper Mtn. CO
  • DesGeorges J., Stredler Brown A., Yoshinaga Itano C. , Mayne A. , (November 1998)  Systems of Universal Newborn Hearing Screening ASHA Conference, San Antonio TX
  • DesGeorges J., Stredler Brown A., Yoshinaga Itano C., Hayes D., Arehart K. (April 1998) AAA  Los Angeles, CA

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