2010 Hands & Voices
National Leadership Conference
July 8- 10th, 2010


The Riverwood Inn, Otsego, MN
A Conference for H&V Chapter Leaders,
H&V GBYS Programs, Parents of Children who are
Deaf or Hard of Hearing, and the
Professionals Who Work with Us!


Topics include:

  • Leadership
  • Hands& Voices Guide By Your Side Program Implementation
  • H&V Chapter Management, Fundraising, Board Infusions
  • Educational Advocacy & Special Ed Law Topics
  • Cutting Edge Topical Information
  • and much more!!

The 2010 conference will be an excellent time to bring as many from your chapter as possible—extend an invitation to a favorite teacher, an important school administrator or parents who just want to know more about Hands & Voices.  This event and this venue encourage the largest group we’ve had yet, so start fundraising now so as many as possible can attend from your state.



[ Pre-session Agendas ]

[ Conference Registration Form ] pdf

[ Exhibitor Info and Reservation Form ] pdf

[ Full Program/Speaker Roster ] pdf

[ Transportation Logistics Information ] pdf

Resort accommodations and gorgeous scenery will contribute to our quality of life while at the conference. See more information about the Riverwood Inn at www.riverwoodinn.com

Can I/Should I bring my family to the H&V National Leadership Conference?

Hands & Voices is all about families…and we get asked this question every year because our venues are indeed a neat place to convene! 
BUT here are some things to consider if you are thinking about making your trip to Minnesota into a family vacation:

  • Since this is an H&V Leadership conference, and not an H&V Family Conference.  Hands & Voices is not taking on the task of providing childcare or children’s activities. (We hope to have a family type national conference some day, and then we definitely will be doing that!)
    • If you choose to arrange child care on your own through the hotel or through other community activities, please ensure that you will not have to arrive late or leave early during our scheduled times together to drop off or pick up your kids.
    • Our ‘off’ times are still times that we value as a group, (meals, recreational opportunities) that give us time to create meaningful relationships with one another.  We consider your participation vital even during unscheduled times during the conference.  Please encourage your family to make their own plans during the days and evenings of the H&V Leadership Conference!
    • Hotel Rooms:  We have a limited number of blocked rooms for the conference and count on many of you sharing with another person from your state, should you choose to do so.
  • Conference FOCUS:  We realize we PACK a huge amount of sessions into a limited amount of time.  This is due to our limited funding, and our goal of stretching our grant dollars to assist as many participants as possible.  When you have family obligations during the conference, this can make it difficult to get the most out of the experience.

So, if you do choose to bring your family…

  • It might help to have your family meet you right at the tail end of the conference to ‘begin’ your own family vacation.  Enjoy Minnesota!  We know it’s a wonderful place to be!!
  • Bring a support person or spouse who understands and has the capacity to ‘see you in a couple of days’ so that you can be free to be with the group from the beginning of our event Thursday evening, all the way through 12:30pm on Saturday. 

Thank you for understanding and supporting the goals of this important conference.  You’ll get a lot out of it if you put yourself into it!

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